About Sunnybank Aviaries!

George and I have always been avid bird-lovers for as long as we can remember.  We originally moved to Sunnybank from Wollongong in 1970 and began our breeding ventures over 30 years ago with a few pair of Lovebirds and a garden shed in the back yard that we divided into 3. 

Although dedicating many years of our lives to quality bird breeding and the development of strong mutations in Cockatiels, Fischers, Masked Lovebirds, Nyasa and Peachface our focus is now on the development of the Orangeface, Violet and Opaline mutations in the Lovebirds. 

  We house the majority of our birds in suspended aviaries with a select few being in conventional style setups.  All of our roofs are insulated allowing us to breed for most of the year as well as providing extra comfort for the birds.

Our breeding birds are all selected from the best stock available and are bred only sparingly to avoid undue stress on them.  Birds are paired up using various criteria to produce the best offspring. Conformation, age, genetics and previous breeding history are all factors taken into consideration when deciding which 2 birds to place together. Once the birds are paired up  and have produced a successful clutch only then do we consider them to be a proven bonded pair. These 2 birds then remain together to provide our future generations of breeding stock and handraised pets. 

Our main goal is to provide handraised pets to the discerning bird lover that are well adjusted and properly prepared for life in a family environment. This takes time and commitment but the early weeks during the handfeeding process are the most important times for these baby birds. If steps are rushed and babies are not properly handraised then they will not be suitable to become part of a family. Not only does this process involve feeding the bird but it also requires intensive handling and exposure to a variety of situations to let the bird become accustomed to all possible scenarios it may encounter.  


Our other objective is to further develop various mutations within the species of birds we keep. Our current interest in the Orangeface, Violet and Opaline mutations of Lovebird will keep us busy developing these 2 colours over the next few years. While doing this though, our main consideration will be for the standard of the species and through selective breeding we aim to produce birds of superior quality as well as the colour we desire. 

Our breeding birds and quality handraised pets are renowned Australia wide so for anyone looking for birds we are more than happy to assist. If we cannot provide what you are looking for we have many contacts with breeders that have similar standards as ourselves with their birds that will be able to fulfill your needs.